#6 Self Direction

This weekend has been hectic, cold, and most of all, very very exciting. Looking at where I am now and where I see myself going with the new topic (Confederate flags in public schools), I think I am facing a very worthwhile challenge. In terms of skill 1, part one, Identifying and Pursuing problems, I think the conversations we have been having for the past few hours have been really helpful. I know what the topic is, and I am ready to start looking at an action plan for the next year. The issue of confederate flags is important everywhere, but in the past few years has come up again and again in Vermont schools. It shows that there are underlying issues of race relations and white privilege that need to be brought into light and confronted head on. Looking into the future, the next month is going to be a challenge. There are so many factors in this issue, so many unique perspectives, a lot of research to do and decisions to make. Working mostly on my own is going to challenge me to motivate myself without the same structure of a traditional classroom, and direct myself in a fairly new way. I think, with the communication tools I have for contacting my teammates, the resources provided through the What’s the Story Website, social media, and friends and family to bounce ideas off of, I have the support and tools I need to get some good work done.

Lucy Groves

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