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  • Hi Lucy,

    I appreciate you creating a visual of your current thinking. However, I would love to see you dig deeper into specifics about different types of discrimination and the ways it shows up in people’s lives — (for example, unconscious bias could connect to police being more likely to stop people of color and react violently). In your self-eval from Mt. Philo you mentioned feeling more comfortable responding to others’ blogs. Have you had a chance to explore others’ mind maps to see how they are exploring their topics? Right now your topic seems very broad, which makes it challenging to figure out stakeholders, parties affected, and specific changes you want to see. Where in your community or life do you most notice discrimination occurring? What experience(s) woke you up to this problem? Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you hone in on your topic.

    – Fallon

  • Lucy,
    You did a great job!! I, myself, had a bit of trouble with the mind map and I applaud you for doing such a great job! But maybe a little more detail with the topics? Just a suggestion. I love your sad face picture though. Maybe we can turn it into a happy face, sooner or later!

  • Hi Lucy,

    I enjoyed reading your mind map! Echoing Fallon’s thoughts, I would also love to see you dig deeper into a topic. I actually was just thinking of your project when I heard about Stowe Middle School in the news—it sounds like the school has been struggling with Anti-Semitic graffiti on its campus. I was wondering if that’s something that students have been talking about? I remember finding it much easier to hone in on a specific issue when thinking about issues that I might have a connection to, or ones that are most easily accessible. Are there any issues within your community that you see on a regular basis? Are there any ones in which you might be a stakeholder?


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