body positivity. we want to interview mothers and daughters, we want to ask them about their story, what’s their story?

we drafted mind maps attempting to answer the question on the board, receiving feedback from peers. the atmosphere here is different, you can attempt your ideas, write upside down on posters, you can work, you can think, you can breathe. it’s like a breath of fresh air, clarity, coming here. the fact that you’re actually allowed and able to sit down and go diving into the issue is different, we’re not sitting down getting pushed along on timeline leading to a deadline. but, instead we are held still being taught to freeze and dive. that is why this is fresh air.

we sat at a table this morning and 7200 seconds later it’s email drafts, instagram, gmail accounts, research, and plans. and it morphed from the idea of mental health and body insecurities to body positivity. we want to interview mothers and daughters, asking them for their story, and their advice. we want communication between them, and we want to help it get there. we want to create a change that we’ve all felt, that we’ve all felt pain from, and we want to ease that pain.

Bill told us that our ideas would change and morph and ours did.

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

Sasha Miler

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