#7: A Pitch For The Future

Though I still need to create a final draft and tweak a few details in my pitch, here it is:

The Wage Gap, it’s something that’s gone on for centuries, but up until that last 100 or so years, we’ve seen it as a small inconvenience in society. So what’s point of focusing on it, if it was never important before? Equality. Peace. A better world. It may seem small, but it’s everywhere. From gender bias, wage gap, and so many other issues concerning people all over Vermont, and the world. If we don’t make a change now, it will never change. Women will continue to be seen as less, so why not start right now, and make the difference.
$0.79. That’s how much a woman is making to a man’s dollar. It’s kinda ridiculous if you think about. So many people have stepped up to plate of tackling this conflict. Between NOW, LWV, WNLC, and so may other organizations fighting towards a single cause…women’s equality. For so many years they have fought for their rights, yet not many people know about them. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. They have put their jobs, their reputations, and so much more at stake just for equality. All so that someday, there daughters, granddaughters, great granddaughters will have a chance at an equal society.
My goal is to ultimately find a way to speak about women’s rights,and to teach people the importance of equality, and not just in schools and small communities, but all through towns in Vermont. My hope is to speak to companies, or politicians about their views on women’s rights and the wage gap, as well as teaching people ways they can help fight for women’s equality, and the importance of it.
Though it may seem like times have changed, they haven’t really.  Between 1915 and today, both include women fighting for equality, one is votes for women, and one is fighting the wage gap. Both rallying with posters, both passionate about their cause. 100 years, little change, and yet we have gained so much freedom, but in a way we still have little freedom. Many people have different opinions on women’s equality, but I say that we should have been equal from the beginning. Instead I am here today, trying to persuade at least a few of you to help me, so that our future might be a little different, whether that means finally getting the rights we deserve, or at least knowing that we made a positive change in our communities.

Here is the latest version of my slideshow:

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Grace Darrow

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