#7: First Overnight Reflection

Am I feeling more connected to and inspired by our WTS community?

I would say definitely yes. The last two meetings I got to know some people, but not very well and I didn’t feel we were very connected as a group yet. This weekend, I felt like I really got to know people and we became closer as a group. The team-building exercises were fun and helped us to get to know each other. However, socializing and working together as during Saturday and Sunday really helped us to become better friends. Playing games on Sunday night before bed was lots of fun, and helped us grow as group-workers and as friends.

Am I able to describe in detail the topic and the team we’ve committed to?

My group and I have decided to go with income inequality in Vermont as the topic we are working on. With that said, we haven’t decided what specific subtopics within income inequality. Even so, I’m really happy about our team and excited to work with my teammates. I feel like we all work together well and contribute to the team. Until our next retreat, we are interviewing people and communicating about our next steps.

Am I ready to begin enacting our social action team’s Story Chasing Plan?

Right now, our team’s story chasing plan is somewhat vague. However, we know the topic we’re working on and who we’re going to be doing it with, so that’s a start! I’m excited to pursue our plan further and continue to work with my group!

Finn Wormser
My name is Finn Wormser and I'm from Shelburne. I'm a ninth grader from CVU High School. This is my first time doing the program, but I'm familiar with it through friends and my brother. I love playing sports and watching sports. I play volleyball, basketball, and am going to start ultimate frisbee in the spring. I play the bass and my brother, dad and I like to pretend we're a band. I am very excited to start What's The Story and to learn about a social issue in Vermont.

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