#7 First Overnight Reflection



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I think our first overnight went well, I think people feel more connected to the what’s the story community now. Now that we’ve had our first overnight I feel more bonded with people in my team, and community. I now know almost everyone’s names. The topic I’ve decided to pursue is focusing around trying to break the stigma in foster care in Vermont. We’re going to learn more about how we can make foster care in Vermont a safer and better place for children currently in the system. We’re also going to learn more about the history of orphanages that used to be in Vermont, like St. Joseph’s Orphanage. We are going to compare the past system (orphanages) to our current system (foster care) in Vermont and see how much we have really evolved. For example, decades ago in  orphanages children were abused, but children are still being abused in foster homes now.

We are also planning on interviewing children who are currently in the system, so we can find out how they feel about being in a foster home. Interviewing a child in foster care would give us a children’s perspective, but we are also hoping on getting a foster parent’s perspective as well. Interviewing a foster parent would help us find out what the foster parent feels like when fostering a child and what the child might need the most when in a foster home. We have a lot of questions that we are hoping to answer like, Why is the child in foster care? How much does bad family history have an affect on the foster child’s life/opportunities?What is the application process to become a foster parent? I think we will be able to answer most of these questions during interviews along with research. I think I have a great team, that really cares about this topic. We’re ready to begin working on our story chasing plan. We’re ready to start researching, making calls, sending out emails and starting new deadlines. I think this is going to be a great topic, because our team is very passionate about this topic. 

Ella Beerworth

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