#7 First Weekend Retreat Reflection

Grace, Katelyn, and Rex. Missing Liv.

Over this weekend retreat, I definitely feel more connected to Wts as a whole. Not just with my group, but with everyone. I had many conversations, both weird and serious with the mentors and my peers. I feel, even with some people misremembering the community guides we all are close-knit enough that those who did, apologized, corrected their mistake and we continued. Myself as well I may add.

The group I’m in, G.E.N -Gender Equality Now-‘s story is to help generations to redefine gender equality, bridging the gap between the generations. I definitely feel committed to the group and even though if it wasn’t what I imagined, in the beginning, it has grown more. In this case, considering Geoff’s analogy, I didn’t kill my baby, rather it has grown by being introduced to Kate, Liv, and Grace and transformed into G.E.N.

Currently, G.E.N already has social media outlets to express our learning but also to gather more in the growth of Gender Equality. Our Story Chasing Plan has already been put into effect I guess. We’ve contacted many people about the subject and left and right we are picking up history tidbits about the history of Feminism.


Rex Ross

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