#7 Income Inequality

On the first Overnight experience was when I found my team. My team decided to have our story called, Income Inequality. We were looking at how income inequality impacts the opportunity we encounter. A student might have income inequality toward affording for a college. What is I mean is, if a person is born in a poor family, they might have a difficulty paying for college. We were also looking at, How income inequality affects incarceration. What that means is, when a person is incarcerated, how does getting employed limits their opportunity from education. We also looked at, how income inequality has an impact on high school students. What that means is, how do kids born in a poor family are dealing at school. What does income inequality mean? it means how does a person income ($$) make them not equal to the opportunity that a rich person will have. How does money limit the opportunities that students and adults have?. My team is composed of Finn, Alaena, Gabriel, and Stephie.

What is the next step? this week step is to interview college students, guidance counselor, get in contact with senators. We want to have our primary source, which in this case are people’s story. Our team main goal is to raise awareness toward income inequality.

Our first overnight went well. I have known everyone’s name and faces, except Bill, Rich, Tim, and Erick They are the closest adult to me but somehow, I don’t seem to remember their names.

Stephie Siki
I am friendly. I like meeting new people. I enjoy public speaking. I like helping teenagers. My friends will describe me as an outgoing person.

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