#7 – My plan on how we are going to win back Lake Champlain!

1st Key Question: Why is this topic/issue important?

Although we can’t see it, phosphorus is there. Phosphorus, with higher temperatures, create algae blooms. And there are lots of high temperatures due to climate change, but that’s a whole other issue. A lot of people, and pets swim in Lake Champlain’s poisonous waters. More than 140,000 people also drink it. If phosphorus and algae win this battle for Lake Champlain, we won’t be able to swim there anymore. Literally thousands of people won’t have a drinking source. The fish and plants that already live in our lake, will die. Algae is toxic to us and our pets, and the “slime” sucks out the oxygen out of the water. Do you really want you or your pet getting sick for one day at the lake, or the native fish and plants dying from oxygen deprivation? After all, that is their home (also a bit of ours too) and they were there first.


2nd Key Question: What’s the story with this topic/issue?

  • Main Conflicts: All good stories also have the conflicts within the story. For this story; nitrogen is required for some of the clean-up measures, but nitrogen also causes algae blooms. Also, phosphorus is a naturally occurring chemical, necessary for plant life, but there are little ways to reduce it once there is too much, which there is within Lake Champlain. In addition, Vermont is the leading contributor of phosphorus, so we are the most obligated to do something. Most of the weight is on our shoulders. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but some people might think it is.
  • Characters/Groups: As we said on September 16, all good stories include good characters. The characters for Lake Champlain’s story are the Environmental Protection Agency, Burlington Wastewater Treatment Plant, Governor Peter Shumlin, Lake Champlain Basin Program, and the Lake Champlain Committee. I bet there are more, but these are the ones I found. These groups are here precisely for the cleaning of Lake Champlain.
  • What are the stakes?: What are the stakes if this doesn’t go the way we want it to? Well, since nitrogen is used to clean up the lake, and it also makes algae blooms, it would be very bad if we couldn’t control the nitrogen. That would be a very big setback. Also, the lake would close more during the summer, when people actually want to go to the lake, or there could be more algae related sicknesses. Or worst case scenario, people will just not care at all. They’ll use phosphorus loaded fertilizer and use phosphate
    detergents without thinking twice.


3rd Key Question: What am I seeking?:

I want you to join me in the fight for Lake Champlain. I want you to help me spread the word about Lake Champlain’s horrible story. I want you push people to use phosphorus free products. I want you to help me find more ways to reduce phosphorus and nitrogen within our lake. I want you to help me fund raise and donate to the groups already there for this sole purpose. This is a real problem, and it needs to be fixed. We can and will do it! My vision for Lake Champlain are big, like every one else already fighting for the lake. I would rather swim in a clean lake where I can see the fish swimming around. I would rather drink the purest water I can find. I would rather be able to swim, instead of sitting at home, sad, because I can’t go swimming because of the algae. I would rather help make Lake Champlain clean, then sit by and let phosphorus, nitrogen, and algae destroy and kill our lake.


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Hey! I'm an 8th grader from Vermont. I used to live in Georgia for 7 years. I enjoy swimming, biking, reading, acting, singing, making music, listening to music, archery, and much more! I've been described as organized, kind, respectful, funny, and easy to get a long with. Along with singing and acting, I also play the Baritone Saxophone in the school band. I am currently 13 years old, but I'm am close to 14. I have 5 brothers, 1 sister, 2 nephews, 2 nieces, and over 10 cousins. It's a pretty hectic family, and I'm the youngest out of most of them. And don't forget, read my blogs, and for now, thanks for reading this!

4 Responses to “#7 – My plan on how we are going to win back Lake Champlain!

  • Bob Uhl
    6 years ago

    Hi Bryce,

    This post nicely combines much of the information you’ve gathered over the past several weeks into an effective pitch. Your passion for your topic is clear (“We can and will do it!”), and I like that you’ve incorporated some rhetorical flourishes into your writing such as the repetition of “I would rather” to close the last paragraph. Also, I appreciate your logical organization, dividing your writing into sections corresponding to the three questions. I look forward to hearing your pitch at our first overnight! See you there!

    • Mr. Uhl,
      Thank you. My pitch is supposed to be motivational for my peers, so I tried to make it as motivational as possible by using phrases like, “We can and will do it!”. I will try my best at the retreat. Again, thank you! Until next time!


  • Anna Buteau
    6 years ago

    Hey Bryce, this is a really good pitch! You used motivational language and illustrated the high stakes, so as listeners, we realize that this situation needs to change. I also like how you organize the post according to the key points, so it’s really easy to understand. If you plan to deliver this exact text as a speech, I would try reading it aloud. I think that will help with the flow of it. I would also see if I could add some anecdote, personal or otherwise, to hook your audience and ground us in the reality of the situation.

    I think you’re going to succeed in gaining a group and making progress on your topic. Good luck!

    • Anna,
      Thank you for thinking it was good. I appreciate it. Since this post for this week is revising, I think I will read it aloud, so I can identify mistakes, fix them, and fix parts where they don’t flow as well. I will try my best to make this as motivational and drawing to our peers as I can. Until next time!


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