#7 Overnight Reflection

Last weekend our WTS community had our first overnight. We were able to get into our teams and come up with our overall question.

Are you/we feeling more connected to or inspired by our WTS community?

Yes. I think the overnight and spending so much more time together gave me a chance to connect to more people and learn there ideas and inspirations. I loved hearing everyone’s ideas and through that I got to learn more about them.

Are you able to describe in detail the topic and the team you’ve committed to?

My teams topic is on gender roles and feminism. We are hoping to redefine how generations view feminism and gender. We chose this topic by combining our individual topics of planned parenthood, traditions in schools, feminism, and LGBTQ+ rights. We noticed that each of these ideas involved or could involve women’s rights and from there brainstormed more.

Are we ready to begin enacting our teams social action plan?

I think our team has a good action plan to make sure that we stay on track. We have steps planned out and have a great way of communicating with each other. We have already started and are getting a lot done.

Liv Hennessey

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