#7 Overnight 1 Reflection

During this overnight, I definitely feel more connected to the people in What’s the Story. I came into this overnight not remembering many peoples’ names, schools, or stories but now it is much easier and more comfortable to be around each other. It was very comfortable rooming with other people; it definitely brought us closer. I am inspired by all the people here, and I am extremely excited to see what all of the groups come up with during the next four weeks. After reading everyone’s maps around the room, I was really interested in all of the topics. Although it wasn’t hard for me to choose what topic I wanted, I felt interested in the other topics as well.

I am happy to say that I can describe in detail the topic my team has committed too. We are still trying to find a narrowed down story in our topic; for the next four weeks we will be doing a lot of research about the topic, talking with people to further our knowledge, hopefully finding a specific, authentic story in all the information. Meredith and I work well together, and I am excited to see what kind of information we will end up getting. I am really thrilled about this topic, it has been something I have wanted to know more about for a while!

I feel ready to begin enacting our social action team’s Story Chasing Plan. I’m excited and a bit anxious about all this work! Meredith and I are both very organized so I feel like we will always have a really good plan and vision for our project. It is really easy to get super into our topic when we are here, not thinking about much else besides What’s the Story, however, I hope that I will be able to get deep into the topic when I’m at home as well. Our plan is to Slack chat on Friday where we will share our research about what others have said the future of Vermont farming will be. At the meeting, we will plan when our next meeting will be, and what tasks to accomplish by then.

Overall, I am really excited about how this weekend retreat went. I am happy with my group and topic. I feel like we have set a really good foundation for the next four weeks.


Mary Nagy-Benson

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