#7 Overnight Review!!

I had a blast!! I loved connecting with my colleagues and turning them into friends. I felt so much more connected and closer with everyone here. For starters, I’m actually getting to know their names instead of guessing and getting it wrong. I’m able to put stories and experiences with the name and face to make them more recognizable. For example, I was able to connect with Hussein by talking with him about similar interests. We like the same shows and we bonded over that. I was able to connect with Adelle over a similar band we liked. I connected with Minelle over humor. The group I’m in feels more like a group of friends now.

I’m completely committed to my great, super strong team! I believe in us! The specific topic question we are trying to answer is ‘how do we make teachers more racially aware in the classroom?’ We will be researching about the VT H794 bill, Kiah Morris, the four I’s of oppression, incidents of racism happening in schools, examples of schools taking action, and what sorts of things can be done to improve the situation. I fully believe and trust in my team.

I believe my team is ready to go out and start our Story Chasing Plan!

Melaina Bassette

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