#7 Story Coaching — You are Splendiforous

There are several moments in this weekend when I realized this group, this year’s What’s the Story, is going to work. Here they are:

  • A surprising solution: During our very first community building exercise — Crossing Lava River, led by Fallon — Anna was shuffling across on one plate (magic stone) and suddenly, accidentally, she ripped the plate. I could see the wheels in her brain whirr, as in: Hmmm, that’s an interesting solution. And now equipped with magic stones on each foot, she crossed without problem. And everyone noticed. And at least one ripped the plate and set out on his own journey. What I loved about this was how everyone embraced the surprised, saw the potential of doing something another way, realized there were no “rules” prohibiting it and, of course, laughed.
  • Losing control. As I was leading the group in discussion of your final story ideas, Fallon interceded and took over. She apologized, later, but I told her that there was no need, because she saw how it could best be done. She recognized that her own skills could be put to good use for the group and, I assume, she felt she could do it more quickly and more efficiently than I could. WAY cool. That is group dynamics and should be encouraged: If you see a way to do something, or a way out of something that may not be gelling, then step in. Assert yourself. Of course do it with respect, which Fallon did.
  • Push back. Today (on Sunday), I went to each group to ask questions, make suggestions, poke the groups, as it were. What I found was that all of you had framing questions, ideas, some tasks outlines and a strategy. And, by the time I reached the last two groups, you began pushing back a bit, saying “Yes, we’ve already done that, thought of that, etc…” Whoa. Awesome. Because those groups were establishing ownership, commitment and focus. Exactly, what I had hoped for — by December.

This has been an uplifting weekend for me. I feel you’ve made progress way beyond what we’d hoped for. I feel the group itself is connecting, communicating and diving in.

Keep your eyes on the prize. The next five weeks are extremely important so keep at it, steadily. Gather as much information and knowledge as you can.

Be well.


Geoff Gevalt

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