#7 The pitch heard around the world

The issue of immigrants is a huge issue with many subsections of it. The reason why any of these smaller components is important is that; immigrants are an important part of our state and deserve equal treatment. Illegal immigration is a commonly talked about topic that holds many pros and cons for Vermont and Vermonters. While economics are a huge portion of the conversation surrounding this topic; it is by no means the most important or only one. Illegal immigrants and networks that support them while here appears to be a grey area with no real change occurring for them or against them.

The main conflicts surrounding illegal immigration is if they should be allowed easier pathways to legal residence and if the state should be putting resources into actively deporting illegals. The immigrants and their supporters are at ends with people that oppose them staying in Vermont illegally as well as the State. The stakes for both sides of this argument are in their minds, very high. One believes that immigrants support the state’s economy and deserve Support from a statewide level. The other side of the argument is that it is unknown if illegals are also criminals and if so which ones. Both of these arguments have their own weight behind them and neither seems to be a more popular choice.

My enthusiasm on this topic on a scale of one to ten is probably about a seven. I’m not crazy about this topic but I find it interesting. Looking at the rest of the topics being researched I think any of them could be extremely fun and meaningful projects. I would like to see what others have looked into and if there is a topic I find more interesting then I will jump to that one.If not then I am open to working with other people on this topic in whatever direction they would like to go in.


Brennan Bordonaro

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  • Bob Uhl
    7 years ago

    Brennan, one of the things I’ve enjoyed about reading your posts is the variety of topics that have interested you (this year and last): dispatch cuts, volunteerism, and illegal immigration, plus your willingness to pursue another topic should that prove to be your best option. As I may have noted last time, Vermont is probably not a state that jumps to mind when thinking about illegal immigration, but that doesn’t mean it’s an issue unworthy of investigation. Is this the topic you think you’ll pitch this weekend?

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