#7: Weekend Reflection

After this weekend, I definitely am more inspired to pursue the story that my team and I created. I am ready to dive into research, finding the right people to support our story, and working alongside my team. My team and I made our story about creating a conversation with different generations to help them learn more about gender equality. We want to find out what people think gender equality is, look at how that differs from generation to generation and then use that gap to help educate people. The people we want to interview and talk to include authority figures, straight white people, non-white LGBTQ+, and everybody in between. Our hope is to use that information to build a website, connect people with the right resources, and then build a documentary that explores that, and could possibly be used in classrooms for teachers and students alike. For these next few weeks, our goal is to first research the history of gender equality, or rather gender inequality, and find or contact people we can talk to start looking at different generations views on gender equality. Each week we have a plan in place to debrief, ask each other questions, go over our research, and talk about how we have or have not reached our goals for the week, and then continue to talk about what the next week or weeks will look like, making new goals based on the previous week. Just today, we created a Gmail with our group’s name, G.E.N., which stands for gender equality now, and then we created an Instagram to spread our project and start gaining traction to help us bring more awareness to the people and communities around us. Also, our group had a lot of really passionate conversations of directions our project could go, which inspired us more to explore this topic and continue working on it. All of us feel connected to this project in some way, and I can definitely see us ending in May with a really powerful project that we will be proud to show off to others. Each of us has made our own goals that we’ve agreed to and we are committed to helping each achieve those goals so when we all come together we can be a strong and connected group with achievable goals and research to support our project.

Grace Darrow

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