#7 Weekend Retreat Reflection


I have learned, grown, and experienced so many new things this weekend and it was so much more than I ever thought it could have been. The environment and atmosphere are energized and motivated, giving me so much inspiration to make a truly influential final product. The people that I got to know better, the mentors that I got to work with, and the community that was created this weekend is the driving force of my motivation to be the best leader, change maker, influencer of the world that I am living in. The team that I have become apart of is what I am most excited about after being here this weekend. All of us have so many ideas and have built friendships so quickly that I believe are really going to make the production/process of our project fun. I have had a ton of fun learning about people’s passions and finding out things about myself that I can continue to build on. Being able to go through this creative process with the people on my team is the experience that I cannot wait to have. There were many, MANY laughs this weekend, making it something that I know I can look forward to again and again. I am so excited to be apart of WTS and I cannot wait to keep this idea building process going. Times like this weekend are times that I know I will have memories of for a long time and that is something that I am truly thankful for.

My team’s project is looking at gender equality and bridging the gap between different generation’s understanding of gender equality. We want to redefine feminism so that a universal definition can be used and an agreement between generations can be met. Our group is looking to begin research and build a better understanding of what needs to be changed in order for a final, modern, all-encompassing definition of gender equality can be met. Thank you to my group for making this weekend extra special and allowing me to feel like I have been brought into a community that I know values me as much as I value those around me.

There’s nothing about this weekend that could have made it better other than it continuing on forever. This environment is one that I know I can grow in and is one that I cherish greatly. This environment is one that gives me hope for all of the things to come in the future.

Here’s to building friendships, community, and creating change! 🙂  

Katelyn Brown

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