#7 Why should we choose Refugees?

1. Why is this topic/issue important?

  • How might you hook your audience with a compelling anecdote or image that conveys what’s at stake with this topic / issue?
    • There is a poem that I found while looking for interesting articles. Inside is an awesome quote that I think is by Warsan Shire, the author of the poem. “You have to understand that no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land”. I think that this captures a large portion of why refugees come here, and why it is our humane duty 1to let them in. I think this quote can be used to really hook the listeners.

2. What’s the story with this topic / issue?

  • What are the main conflicts?
    • The conflict is between helping these refugees that have nowhere to go and the negative effect they will have in our country. Some are saying that these refugees did not ask to be kicked out of their countries, and some are leaving because “The water is safer than the land”. Pro refugees are saying that it is are humane duty to try to help these refugees as much as possible. The other side of the argument is simple. The people against refugees are saying that they will have a very negative impact on American jobs, education systems, and terrorism. It is a choice helping these refugees in their time of need, and the risks involved with letting them in.
  • Who are the characters/groups/organizations involved?
    • Specifically in Vermont, most towns do not ave to make this decision, and most people have their own individual opinions, but in Rutland, where the refugees are the largest concern, there are 2 groups. Rutland First and Rutland Welcomes. Rutland First is opposed to having refugees, saying that they will be a drain on Rutlands already draining budget, and they cannot afford to have them. Rutland Welcomes has made it clear that they want to welcome these refugees in with open arms, and that it is their duty to have these refugees stay there.
    • On the larger scale of things, politically there is some controversy. In this election, Clinton is greatly supportive of these refugees, and plans on bringing in thousands of them if she is elected. Trump, on the other hand, is very opposed to refugees, especially ones from the middle east, and wants to end all refugee intake until the crisis with terrorism is sorted out. Generally, this is the way that all republicans and democrats think, but people have very ranging opinions in this conflict.
  • What’s specifically at stake for these people?
    • For Americans, and Vermonters, it is not only a question of money, it is a question of safety, and if these refugees harbor a threat. Many are worried that refugees could bring both terrorism and corruption, breaking laws and posing a threat to citizens. What’s at stake is the decision between helping innocents or the risk that comes with it.
    • For these refugees, their whole lives depend on that one percent chance that they might be allowed into the United States. For them, banning entry ruins their lives. They have been forced out of their country, and they have nowhere else to turn. They cannot go back, and unless they want to spend the rest of their lives in a refugee camp they need to immigrate to another country, such as the United States. This decision is everything to them.

3. What are you seeking?

  • Some of you are on fire about your topics, so you’re seeking to persuade others to join you. So: make an impassioned case for your issue or topic, a calling for others to join you. Define the changes you’d like to see.
    • There are not many changes I would like to see, I a, very supportive of refugees, but I want to educate people and show them that refugees are not monsters, they do not bring violence and crime, and we need to help them. In the final days of the election, the winner has the power to completely change the refugee system, and I want to make sure that people know what is at stake, and what side to support.

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Nigel Wormser

One Response to “#7 Why should we choose Refugees?

  • Hi Nigel-

    I love how clearly organized your work is. It is easy to read and well written.

    Let me say first that the picture you chose to accompany your blog is VERY powerful. It drew me right in and even began to argue your point without you saying anything (a picture is worth 1000 words). I also loved the quote: “You have to understand that no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land”. This is emotional and powerful stuff that more people need to hear.

    Great work, I look forward to seeing where this goes!


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