#7 Winding Up For The Big Pitch

img_0292Depression is an unimaginable weight that keeps pulling you further and further away from the surface. Making it harder and harder to breathe even though right in front of you there’s a thing or person reaching out, you just either can’t grab it or they just leave.
Eating disorders are a harder story that intertwines with depression. It’s horrible because it’s almost like your fighting food, even though you may love food you still have an insatiable urge not to eat. Some say they feel shameful and scared of what is to come next. Don’t get me wrong sometimes people binge eat and it’s just as bad as anorexia or bulimia.
Bipolar is a tuff. I’ve seen people and other people’s experiences shared with me. They say it’s as if you have these ‘highs’ and ‘lows’. Sort of like an roller coaster. You don’t know the depth or severity. It leaves you feeling anxious for what may happen next because it’s so unpredictable.

All these people find it hard to go and ask for help. It’s either the for the fear of being rejected for having something for foreign or feeling as if they’re given up for asking for help. These all have their share of internet fame of how ‘cool’ it’s to have these. Social media doesn’t get the whole stories and it gets to points where kids younger think of this as a new thing which then they’d be able to fit in with. It’s important we teach everyone why and how dangerous these mental health illnesses are. It important to help those who are going through this and help stop people incourging it.

Some organizations that I believe share true stories and are helping people get help with the correct resources with support they need. Walk In Our Shoes is the organization that I’ve been talking about in some past post and they talk about people’s experiences. The other website that I’m finding help with my research is Depression And Bipolar Support Alliance. Here they also have people’s stories of recovery and helpful website links for doctors and other specialists.

Walk In Our Shoes

Depression And Bipolar Support Alliance


I placed my Slides in blog post #8, if you’d like to see them. Which I hyper linked here in #8 Refineing Mental Health

Rex Ross

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  • Bill Rich
    6 years ago


    Thanks for sharing theses additional resources / ideas, though I’m wondering where the slides are that this assignment asked you to make, to go along with your description?


    Bill Rich

    • Hi Bill,

      Sorry I didn’t get back sooner. I was trying to create the presentation and I came across the problem of people not being able to view, but I trouble shot with some of my peers from school. I put the presentation link in my #8Refining Mental Health post which is up.


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