#8: A Walk down Memory Lane

Looking Back:

This past month has been a large growth time for me, both with all of the learning I have done, and through the presentation of info (blog posts, flipgrid video, and spreading the awareness to those around me). I feel that I have met and gone beyond the standards of self direction (in the category of “Got It” and “proficient”) because I created a video that shared my fervor of the topic I chose and explained why that topic is so important for social change, as well as overall doing the very best I could (and spending a lot of time) on my video and all of my blog posts. I also contributed to the thoughts of my piers as we created a mix of our varying topics, mainly during our time together over the weekend.

The winding in the road:

This past weekend was important for me mostly because of all of the collaboration of so many people. Although I do feel like it is important to work with others, I also learned that sometimes when you are passionate about something, it’s all right to do your own thing. You don’t have to follow the norm, be part of the group, or be flexible to other ideas that can overrule what you love simply because we all have our own ideas. It is hard working with so many people because I feel that everyone has their own opinions, and the more people you add into a group, the more ideas and conflicting interests come up. This weekend was a good opportunity for me to be strong in what I know, and also to hear others where they are, as well as to mix and meld ideas so it works for all.

Thinking about where I will go from here and how I will do with learning, stretching myself, and staying on schedule in the future, I believe I will meet the standards easily. I am a hard worker, am usually very focused, and follow through well when I have goals. However, I would like to work on time management (when I do my work, how much work it takes, etc) and especially how to work with others outside of class in order to collaborate our ideas and keep the change alive.

Aidan Palmer

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