#8 More inclusive, appreciative, and effective communities

I want to make Vermont educational communities more inclusive, appreciative, and effective places for New Americans and English Language Learner students in ways that allow everyone to grow in new directions (specifically through raising awareness, influencing curricula that allows all students to teach their peers, and perhaps compiling a resource for Vermont communities looking to integrate new ELL and New American members).

This really affects a lot of people, because schools are inextricably linked to communities as a whole, but I’m specifically looking to make Vermont a better place for New American and ELL students, and to help students who have grown up in the U.S. and whose first language is English see their peers in a more equitable light.

9 or 10; I am very invested in this topic because I’ve been very involved in educational reform efforts and I think this is the intersection of my experience and excitement in that area and a very important and topical issue (and one that is necessary, because prejudice/inequality in schools is objectively unacceptable).

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Clara Lew-Smith

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