#8 Informing schools

Whats the story is a great way to get students out of the typical classroom environment and still participate in learning. Not only does it give students more opportunities to move about and socialize, it also provides the opportunity to explore topics not offered in school but are still equally as important. In some ways this program, I think, is preparing me better than any school class could for the future. It teaches you education skills along with interpersonal and confidence skills. School also seems to keep my mind kinda one tracked and holds me back from being myself, but in WTS I feel more open to be who I am and to explore what I am capable of, to step out of my comfort zone. It also is a good way to bring together different schools and grades and practice working with different people and environments. WTS also provides a good opportunity for public speaking and getting comfortable speaking with people you may not know. The learning you do in WTS is preparing you for different forms of learning and working. It will make you more confident in the future because the future is nothing like the inside of a regular school, so growing up never knowing any other form of learning environment is not preparing you for the actual world. Just because you thrive inside a classroom doesn’t mean you will be all set for the rest of your life. Adding on to that not everyone can express their real skills in a classroom and WTS provides people a good way to find something they can connect with.

Anna McIntosh

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