#8 Looking Back

Looking back:
I think I have been doing well since the kickoff to now sitting here nearing the end of the first retreat. I think I am Got It. I have created a pitch that to me, shared my ideas and issues of Education Reform in Vermont Schools. I can also contribute to the “elimination” process in regards to narrowing down or combining topics. I was able to contribute to the planning stages for the group and was also open to merging ideas. I was able to commit to my topic and am really excited to work on digging deeper into the issue of Education Reform.

Looking Forward:
I think I will do well with this skill over the next month. I am good about checking to make sure I am making due dates and will email mentors if I have questions. I think it is helpful to have the emails or other contact of readers or other mentors/recourses so that you can ask them directly with any questions related to your topic and stuck points. I think this would be helpful because your reader knows about what challenges you have had so far and about what your topic is. I also think it is important to feel comfortable asking questions because questioning can help push yourself forward in many positive ways. I personally am someone who asks a lot of questions but for some that may be out of there comfort zone. I know for me it has been really helpful having other WtS members be reading my post and for me to read theirs because if I am confused or have a misconception I can look at their work to learn about the other many possibilities to take on these challenges and  prompts.  I have learned a lot and have really enjoyed this November retreat, it has been really cool to meet and work with all of you and I look forward to the December retreat already!


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Lindsay Beer

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  • Lindsay! Look how much you’ve learned from this. Amazing. I’m looking forward to hearing about the December retreat!

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