#8 equitable treatment of Mexican farmworkers

The change I would like to see is the acceptance and equitable treatment of Mexican farmworkers in our community.

I would like to target farm owners, lawmakers and members of the community because the integration of migrants into our community is one of the most important aspects of this change.

I would rate my interest as a 9 because I’m truly passionate about my topic. I feel a strong connection with my subject after living in Mexico last year, and I know the true potential my topic has in our state, especially with the upcoming presidential election.


Featured Image by Payton Chung

Justin Holmes

One Response to “#8 equitable treatment of Mexican farmworkers

  • Jus,

    I’m looking forward to talking with you about all of this during the upcoming weekend in Starksboro.

    One of the things that I’m curious about is how you plan to highlight the unjust conditions that Vermont’s migrant workers must endure without exposing them to unwanted scrutiny. Since their illegal status makes them vulnerable, it must be a delicate proposition to shed light on their situation without making them even more vulnerable. Yet, ironically, without attention paid to how they are forced to live practically in hiding, things will never get better for them.

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