#8 Refining the Pitch

  • In a single sentence, describe the change you are seeking.

I would like to educate people on the ways that refugees can enrich a community.

  • In a single sentence, describe the audience you will be targeting?

I want to target people who are either undecided or opposed to accepting refugees in this debate, and to try to convince them to change their minds.

  • One a scale of zero to ten, how passionate are you about your topic (zero: This topic bores me. Five: I could take it or leave it. Ten: I LOVE this topic.)? Please provide a number on this scale and a single sentence description.

I would say I am a 6. I would be a 9 or 10, but there are 2 things that hold me back. The first is the fact that I fell that there are more topics that need more immediate change than mine. Beside changing people’s mindsets, there are few real-life Vermont situations that I could inspire change in, now that the Rutland refugees have been approved. The second reason is that the other side had a great argument, and I don’t really have an argument to combat it. I don’t agree with people who say refugees will steal American jobs and ruin our economy. There is only one thing that gives me doubt. If we look back to the picture of the homeless child that said “As long as there is one homeless child in America, then we have no room for refugees”, then I would say that I agree with that. This really puts me at a controversy.

Nigel Wormser

One Response to “#8 Refining the Pitch

  • Hi Nigel,

    I’ve loved reading your blog! This post is full of honesty and I think you know what you want, which is great! As I mentioned before, if you choose to join another action group, think about sticking with one related to social justice. You seem passionate about it.

    See you on Saturday!


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