#8 “The Change I’m Seeking is Simple”

The change I’m seeking is simple. I want to help parents pay for child care or lower the cost of child care in Vermont. I hope to target people who care as much as I do, and want to help. I like this topic around 7 out of 10. I enjoy this topic, but I would switch if I needed to or if I found something I like more – especially if it were a similar topic.

Megan Balparda

One Response to “#8 “The Change I’m Seeking is Simple”

  • Bob Uhl
    7 years ago

    Megan, great job making this concise post. You cut right to the chase, and what you’ve written accurately reflects the writing you’ve done so far. I applaud both your commitment to your topic and your willingness to remain flexible as we move forward. I’m wondering, what might be some topics that you’d consider similar to this one?

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