#8 Thoughts Looking Ahead

Self Direction

I think I fall into the Got It category. I have written my blog posts on time each week and diligently researched my former topic, Trust. Now that I have chosen a new topic (telling stories through art) that I am more interested in, I am looking forward to moving forward with my team and making a change. My evidence it that I have done all the work the work asked for on time and I have chosen a social action group with a topic that interests me.

Manage Learning

Looking forward I can see myself again falling into the Got It category. I strive to meet all deadlines (and almost always do), I am not afraid to ask for help if I am confused or stuck, and I am learning how to manage my time and work. I enjoy working with other people and hearing their ideas as well as expressing my own. I am working on contributing to conversations more frequently, in other words, I am working on talking more. I trust that I will continue to talk more in discussions and enjoy the year!

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Sydney Taft Cole

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