#8 Week 1+2 Reflections

The G.E.N group, to me, is moving at a typical rate. Not going fast not even slow either, just taking our time and getting things done. I think, even with some setbacks in whole group communication, we are really on track. We were able to fix our problems, some like the communication or with peers who didn’t understand our project.

I suppose these problems are typical of a new group. We lost a group member for about a week, we weren’t in contact with them much, but talking with our mentor, Abi, we were able to get in touch with them! We also encountered our first questioner(?). Not as harsh as I thought it would be. It’s interesting to see what people have to say and, for me, was enlightening. The majority of the group weren’t fond of trying to sort things out, but if we ignored the comment it would be as if we didn’t hear all sides of the story, which is our goal. I think I would really like to interview this individual. They weren’t snarky and their questions were lacking in openness, but important. And to put out there they aren’t a stranger, Grace and I are acquainted with them. Maybe not friends or even “buddies”, but it was nothing of the dangerous offense. However, it would be another story is we did not know this person, I would’ve then blocked them. Just like another person who tried to question, trying to start a feud.


Our work progress is moving quite nicely. We’ve got several bits of info, some from Outright, others by peers and a document we made of the history of Vermont and Nationally. And we’re currently trying to get some interviews and a tour at the Pride Center Vt. For the next week or two, we plan to send out a survey Grace and Katelyn made and talk to more people. We are also trying to think about a storyline, just to develop an understanding of our next move.

Some things that are challenging is finding the time to all sit-down and talk. We all are really busy and our way of communication/video chat is lacking in the necessary funds, so to speak. We’ll need to develop a new form of calling or all get really good at writing out thoughts down in a millisecond. Another challenge that I’m facing is finding things to write. It’s so early on in our work and we do have many great inspiring resources, it’s all just coming in at the moment. Writing about a new born’s personality is like giving a summary of a book by the cover. We all do it, to be fair.


Rex Ross

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