#9: A Grasp At A Deeper Understanding

In only one week I have learned a great deal of knowledge on ELL students and the broad topic of cultural communication. I have enjoyed the google hangouts because they help me know what I need to do to keep this project energetic and interesting and it also lets me see where the other members of my group are at in their work. In the past week, I started looking into cultural communication organizations that are already happening in Vermont. There were multipule organizations that I found, but I’m most familiar with two organizations one by the name of Youth Green International and the other by the name of Children Of The Earth. I have worked closely with the teachers and collaborators in the organization Youth Green International and I think using there website for evidence and also interviews would be a great resource. Though I haven’t really done that much with the organization Children Of The Earth, my grandfather knows Nina Meyerhof and I think that Nina, and maybe even her whole committee would enjoy helping us with this project because they want things like this project to be taking place more often throughout Vermont. When I looked at Nina’s website, I saw a organization that wants Vermont kids to essentially take a look at the world around them, and build friendships with other people outside of Vermont and then go visit the people they had built there friendship with. Interviewing some of the teachers and students in this program would be beneficial because it would be neat to see how that program had impacted or is impacting them. I am exited to see what happens with this project as the weeks progress!

Erin Fishell

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