#9 Another Reflection

Personal Reflection:

I could write about how excited I am to be a part of my group again, but I’m pretty sure that won’t satisfy everyone’s expectations. I am really happy with the progress we have been making even if the weeks have been going by slowly with little certainty of where to go next. Having completed one interview last week, my motivation to continue research was rekindled. When we had our chat on Sunday about the goals for this week we began discussing storylines and what direction our project was going to go in. Having very little experience with any sort of filmmaking I have been struggling to come up with ideas on this topic, but I have been using Abbie as a resource for brainstorming interesting storylines and creative ways to present our discovery of information.

On the topic of storylines, I was thinking it would be really cool for our group to work chronologically through the nationwide and statewide historical research that we have completed. I also really like the idea of presenting our research through the form of conversation since that is what our mission states we are trying to do. I have also been looking forward to putting a creative spin on the documentary that we will complete. Other than that I am not sure what else I can contribute to the discussion of a storyline to my group and I am feeling a little useless in that area. I am hoping to find another strength that will be of more help to my group’s efforts.

Group Reflection:

I don’t have any complaints when it comes to my group. Our communication is great and our progress seems to be steady (though slow) as we are making our way toward our final story idea. We have been talking about how to make our documentary unique and interesting as well as who our possible interviewees may be. I am very optimistic when it comes to our final product, but I am having a hard time pacing myself with my excitement to see what our final project will look like.

Katelyn Brown

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