#9 Storyboard Cynosure

Self Reflection;

I would like to think the project is so enthralling that I could work on it for hours, yet that’d be lying. Everything is great for the work we’ve got and our ideas keep flying, maybe not as far-fetched as before, but we’ve got good closure on some topics. The group has already discussed whether or not more research is needed and we collectively said: “not really,”. Seems fine to work forth on our storyboard… we just don’t have a story. That’s where working on this project gets sticky. We can’t really more forward until we’ve found a story of some sort and taking steps back into research again would leave us running in circles. Grace and I have already reached out to people and one said yes, then bailed last second and the other got cold feet, never responding.

I am and most likely the entire group is finding it hard to gather people who aren’t influenced by us or people who are willing to talk in front of a camera. It could be we come off either too strong or weak, maybe we leave an uncomfortable feeling in the air with our topic? All valid questions, but for the most part I’m finding it tiresome to get anything done with the lack of story. Creating a storyboard is one of the more interesting and exciting parts of documentary work, the group is just searching for a story/ies to mend around.


Group Update;

In the past week the group has been moving steadily. We are now thinking more on the lines of storyboards, interviews, and honing our filmmaking skills. A’s a group we are reading more articles and looking into other documentary filmmakers and their crafts to pick up on some key skills and see what we might find to fit into our own. Each of us sharing our work or findings on Slack.

Our conversations are usually spread out in the week, but we do have a call every Sunday at 9 (or whenever we’re free). Having a face to face-ish conversation helps with planning and guided work. This week we discussed heavily about storyboards and what might we or might we not do. To which I have to say didn’t last long conversation wise, but we looked into visiting the Vermont Pride Center.



Rex Ross

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