#9: What I have Done So Far

This week was mostly research around animation programs and what our short videos will look like. Each video will be a phase, i.e., phase one, phase two, phase three, and so far we have come up with the standards for those videos. I am hoping to make animations around those standards, and I think I found a good animation program I can easily use. We haven’t done a lot so far, but the work we have done is all around the foundation of our project. By the end of the year I think we are hoping to have a few short videos and then one documentary focusing on the stories that we find and the people we will meet for this project. Any suggestions for animations software? I can’t really say where this project is going, because I can’t predict the future, but I do know that its going to end up with at least a few great pieces of work to show how powerful breaking binary really is, and how important it is. Needless to say it going to be an interesting year of learning, meeting new people, and opening others minds to equality and inequality all around us.


Photo From Pixabay

Grace Darrow

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