#9 What this weekend meant to me – Sidney

This weekend we got together and talked about different topics and chose ours.  This was really exciting because we finally get to put all the blog writing from the beginning of the year to use.  I was really nervous to begin with because I was not entirely sure that the topic I chose would be the one I wanted for the rest of the year.  This was no problem, everyone switched around their choices and some topics were totally abandoned.  I have a hard time getting up in front of people and presenting something, let alone if it was something that I myself was not very passionate about.  I was trying to get people interested in something that I found interesting but not enough to keep me going through the year.  I ended up with the group of ‘Mental health’, this was a great group for me because I have been intrigued by this topic for multiple years now and have looked into going to school for this profession.  I have done an internship at a mental health facility this past year and learned a lot about it.  I want to keep learning about this and how people view this topic.  Our main focus for this group is the language surrounding mental heath and what we can do to teach people the politically correct and non-offending ways of talking about the mentally ill.  We have gotten very far in the past day with our project.  Considering the fact that we came here yesterday not knowing our groups or topics and are leaving with a full understanding of what our plan is and how we can go about it.  We have created multiple different ways of getting in touch with each other and what we are all going to do in the weeks ahead to contribute to our story.  We have come up with a list of people to talk to and interview about this subject and that includes a variety of different people, including the individuals who are affected by a mental health disorder, their families and caretakers, strangers, pharmacists, and hospitals.  I am really excited to learn more about this topic and actually start to dig a little deeper and get other peoples opinions on the matter.  I can’t wait to start using the materials and the digital media kits and experiment with our docudrama.  We are trying to include the emotional piece to get the watchers hooked and try tho help them figure out how to deal with these types of problems and what they can do as individuals to stop it.

Sidney Carr

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