A Busy Week Ahead

Hi all!

This week, being the last week of filming, is a busy one. My plan is to post short-ish blog posts every day explaining what I did that day, and what my plan is for the next. That being said, let me begin.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with CVU’s principal Adam Bunting. We discussed my project, and I asked him for an interview later this week, which he agreed to. Then, I communicated to him the questions I was planning on asking. If you’re curious, here they are:

  • Why do you think that students taking control of their education is important?
  • Why do you think most students don’t take control of their education?

I asked both of these questions to Jim Shields from Big Picture, too. I’m looking forward to seeing the similarities and differences in their answers.

  • How and why was Nexus created?
  • What do you think is next for education?

I’m really excited for this interview. I think what he has to say will really help my documentary with it’s goal to encourage and excite students when talking about ways to take control of their own education.

So, that was yesterday. Today, I was planning on filming some Nexus students talking about their projects and the skills they’ve learned about/gained from working on them. Unfortunately, I only have one Nexus block today and there’s almost nobody in the workspace right now. I’ve made a plan to try tomorrow during first block. Even if it doesn’t work out tomorrow, I am sure I will be able to get it done for Friday.

Now, the exciting part. Tomorrow once my second block class ends at 11:30, i’ll be traveling with my mom to her work, Dealer.Com. While i’m there, i’ll be getting interviews from a couple different people. I’ll be talking to them about things like what skills are necessary to be hired at an innovative business like DDC, where they think education should be going, etc. I’ll also get some B roll of the building, as well as employees from DDC working in the community. I hope this goes well!

Look for an update tomorrow.


Maddie Parker

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