A Call for Familiar Terra Firma- #6

In one way or another, every single issue has the ability to connect. All dependent on the perspective and depth in which the topic is pursued. I purposely tried to keep the categories as loose as possible. To accommodate for many topics that linked to certain words in other topics. But aren’t directly connected. While others can be a cause and effect situation. Many topics also connect to another category. Thus I decided to make a connection web giving space for topics to have another link.

  • Education
    • Dress Code
    • Gun Control
    • Incarceration
    • Proficiency-Based Grading (PBG)
    • School Shootings
  • Families
    • Child Mentorship
    • Foster Care
    • Human Trafficking
    • Planned Parenthood
  • Government
    • College debt
    • Equality
    • Feminism
    • Income Inequality
    • LGBTQ Education
    • Political Satire
  • Minority Issues
    • Discrimination
    • Racism x5
    • Refugees
  • “Natural”
    • Alzheimer’s
    • Climate Change x2
    • Food Industry
    • Mental Health x2
Meredith Gove

One Response to “A Call for Familiar Terra Firma- #6

  • Brian G Ricca
    5 years ago


    Where do I start? This medium of the visual blog post really is working for you – and I can see that this is building on your previous visuals.

    I really like (I think you can tell from my comments) this notion of interconnectedness and interdependence. Not only are we all connected to each other in more ways than we can even comprehend, we all really do rely on each other. In my most recent blog post, I wrote about interdependence and the need for the humility and understanding that we do need each other.

    Your graphic captures this beautifully!

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