A Retelling of the Story

A big highlight of my WTS experience so far is the video Denali. It was really beautiful, but also is really good template to live a life. Traveling, forging bonds, and giving a lot of love.The man in the video had a very nice car.  When I was very young my dad had a Volkswagen Vanagon too called Vanessa. It would break down frequently on highways and dirt roads alike. We had to sell it because it became too much of a hassle but my dad said later that he wished he would’ve kept it. Then when I was at the Whats the Story meeting I mentioned I liked vans. the whole day everyone asked me why I was wearing Nike sneakers. I didn’t get it until my friend mentioned after. To clarify, I like sprinter van conversions and Volkswagen Vanagons.
Another of my favorite things about WTS is the almost Socratic discussions we have. It feels like a heavy use of the Harkness method, which is another favorite of mine.
The affinity group that I am in has been doing great so far. We have met two times online since the first meet. our online interactions have been really pleasant. The last meeting we weren’t all able to make it which is regrettable because some contributions might have been lost. However everyone has been doing great on their responses and thinking, and its really cool to see reactions.
I guess a question I Have about WTS is what happens after its over? Obviously there a documentaries that these kids made out in the world now, and its a great learning experience, but how many do something about the social issue in terms of fixing it?


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