#2: Addiction and the Drug Epidemic

I arrived here today with an open mind and the newborn ideas for potential topics to explore. As the day progressed and the discussion became more refined and focused on how to choose the topics my criteria changed. Something that all the returning learners had in common was their insistence that passion should be the driving force in this year’s work. The requirement for passion eliminated several of my initial ideas. I continued talking with my peers and was able to understand what I really needed from my topic. In order to take this project the farthest it can go I need a combination of interest, passion, and accessibility. Now, towards the end of our day, only one topic out of the several initial ideas seems possible. I’m passionate about bringing new insight to the war on drugs, addiction, and rehab. I want to tell stories that deserve to be told, dig deep into the human issues, work on creating a better solution and a better community.

Kati Tolgyesi

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