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My individual group met once a week on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm. I felt like it was easy to share ideas and points of view with the group without being judged. I liked being in smaller groups because that way it’s easy for everyone to be heard. It was nice to be in a small group because you could get to know the members of your group by sharing unique ideas. Something I think is important to add while making a film is to inform the viewers of the issue while simultaneously showing them the progress people have made against the issue. This way people know it is possible to find a solution to the issue instead of thinking that whatever you do won’t make a difference. Something else that I found powerful in the short films was the moments where the filmmaker chose to just show pictures of a town, people, or a landscape. I think that moved me because it gave me a different point of view on the situation. It helped me realize the situation while also feeling hope for the issue. I’m looking forward to making a film of my own so I can have a chance to apply these ideas. Having the opportunity to educate others and put change in motion is incredible. I can’t wait to work with others and share my ideas towards these important causes.

Cecilia Marino

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