Animal rights fight

  1. How have you, your teammates, and mentor been working together since the overnight?

Since the overnight, my team and I have all watched a couple of videos that Tim sent us that were about animal rights. We watched them to give us an idea of what the documentary could end up looking a little bit like but also showing us different angles and approaches to the subject of animal rights. We have decided to focus mainly on animal rights in cows and animals that get turned into products or animals that have been used for different products. We have also talked about looking at different ways to approach the subject like if we want to show the problem first or if we want to show all the progress that we have made or if we want to do it in a whole different way. My Group has been working very well together so far but sometimes it can be difficult to find a time to meet over hangouts but we all communicate with each other and try and find a plan that works for everyone. In our video conference, we discussed the videos that we watched and the notes that we took and what we think we should focus the film on and we decided to do animal rights but more specifically cows and maybe other animals that produce products. 

2. What have you accomplished, and what are your next steps?

So far we have accomplished looking and thinking of different unique ways to approach the subject of animal rights, we have not decided yet but we will this week when we have our video conference. We also looked at three different videos so that we have an idea of different views on animal rights. Two of those videos were on domestic pets and the other video was on bees. Although we are going at a different point of animal rights than all of the videos it was still good to look at how they did the videos and who they interviewed. Also if they went for the sad and scared point of view, or hope and moving forward point of view. I think that both views are powerful in their own ways. I think that our next steps will be to look for a unique angle so that viewers will be interested in the film but also interested in making a change to their everyday life.  

            3. What are your most pressing questions? 

I only have one question and that is when should we be expected to start actually filming the documentaries and having interviews or is it all a go at your own pace kind of thing.

In conclusion, I think that my group will work well because it is a smaller group because it is Samara and I and Bob as our mentor. I think that we all share a compassion for animal rights and we all want to make a change for the better through this documentary so I feel like we will have success in the documentary and making a little change in people’s lives. 

Animal rights for cows.


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