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Hi all!

This Monday, I shadowed at the Big Picture school in South Burlington. While I was there, I interviewed many of their students, as well as their program director. I asked the students the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of High School?
  • What skills do you feel that you’re learning in Big Picture?
  • Why did you join Big Picture?

And I asked their program director these questions:

  • Give me a short summary of what Big Picture is
  • Why and how was Big Picture created?
  • Why do you think that kids taking control of their education is important?
  • Why do you think that most kids don’t take control of their education?

Overall the day went really well. I got some great answers. Some were lengthy, some were short, all were extremely insightful. The vibe I got from BP was one I wish I could have in my own school, and I felt like I fit right in.

In addition to this, this and last week I have been working to:

  • Schedule an interview with Adam Bunting, CVU’s principal
  • Schedule interviews with two important figures from Dealer.Com
  • Get b-roll of places like the Nexus room at CVU, DDC, and a traditional classroom
  • Phone conversation with someone from the Agency of Education
  • Interviewing the Nexus teachers

Last week was exam week, so it was tough to find time to schedule interviews and such, but this week I hope to accomplish everything I couldn’t find time for. I also had my Nexus midterm last week, which involved me giving a seven minute speech about my work in What’s the Story. I shared with them my rough draft of a timeline for my film, my progress and what I have left to do, and what i’m trying to accomplish through making this documentary.

This week’ll be busy- update coming soon!


Maddie Parker

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