#1: Bill and Tim Run My Life

I am here because after a year of research, writing, and documenting, there is still more I have to say. I am here because this project not only educates me on multiple topics, but also helps me learn about myself. I am here because when asked “What is something you’re good at?” I immediately made a paper crane. I am here because I am more productive at the overnights then the entire rest of my life combined. I am here because we get free food, all in the name of education. I am here because when we went around to do names, pronouns weren’t a natural things to be asked with that. I am here because even after a mild mental breakdown mid-way through half year, this is one of the best experiences in my life, and I truly believe I’m capable of changing the world. I am here because even after being stuck with Bill and Tim for a year, they still  basically run my life and I haven’t learned any better.

Fiona Nelson

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