Blog #4 Racism Mind Poster

Hussein Amuri

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  • Hussein,

    I like that you included some images on your mind map. You’ve managed to meet the deadlines each week by not only completing the task but also finding time to include creative and personal touches, such as the images in the mind map, on each of the assignments.

    On the right side of your mind map, does it say YWCA? It’s cut off a little, but that’s what it looks like. Can you explain why that is on your mind map?

    In response to your question about where you should start, I’ve got a couple of questions for you. Which of the branches are you most curious to know more about? On which branch do you think you could effect the most change? As you skim other blogs, do you see related or similar topics that where you see an opportunity for collaboration? Thinking about these questions might help you to find a starting point.


  • Meg Allison
    4 years ago


    Some local stakeholders you might want to explore in the Burlington area are Black Lives Matter Vermont (Ebony Ngoni), Showing up for Racial Justice, and the Peace and Justice Center. All three of these organizations have been involved in the fight for racial justice for many years. They will be good places to start in regards to helping define what local action might look like, what has been happening in Vermont around racism and racial justice, as well as provide resources to you in your search to help understand the impact and effect of racism.

    Have you considered exploring your topic from a lens of looking at racism in our schools? What it might be like to encounter racism as a student? Or are you thinking more broadly about racism in Vermont, or the U.S., as a whole?

    Hope you are well!

  • Hussein,

    “When do I start” … love it. You already have!

    I think the most difficult thing you will have to tackle first is how to corral your topic into a thread or story backbone that is achievable. This is a huge topic. But how can you tackle it in a way that is doable and powerful?

    Have you connected with Lucy Andrus? Are there other WTS participants exploring this same topic?

    And I echo Erik’s assessment that you have approached your assignments with energy and openness and creativity.


  • I really like your mind map and drawings. It is very clear to understand you message that their is a lot of racism in our world and I completely agree. Did mind mapping help you?

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