Blog #4 Starting Our Project

Hello Everyone!

Since the overnight, Theo and I have met and discussed our plans for researching and preparations for the next retreat. We both are clear on what more we have to do, and plan to have a video conference soon to go over our research that we have accomplished and plan for better organizing in the future.

It has been hard to prioritize WTS in these past few weeks, as Theo and I are both involved in Theatre, and I had a Model UN conference in which I was chairing. That being said, I have set out specific time to work on my WTS research and I know that once I will have more free time after my theatre practices end after the completion of the shows that I will have plenty of time to continue filming, interviewing, and researching throughout the year!

So far I have outlined the next research steps that I need to take, which include looking for more current books and resources about the Abenaki and more in depth research regarding current political movements, like fight for recognition.

I have finished my research on Abenaki history and their impact on America, and I have to finish documenting my notes. I have learned about the sustainable Abenaki agricultural practices, the sucsessful techniques that they have been practicing for centuries, and how much of it they shared it with settlers entering Vermont. I learned about how long it takes for someone to make the traditional baskets that are woven by hand, and the different foods that are indigenous to the Americas that the Abenaki use in cooking and celebrations; like blueberries, cranberries, husk tomatoes, and pumpkin.

I am so exited to share this knowledge with as many educators as I can, and I hope that this documentary will go far. This Sunday will be a free day for me, I will have just finished my last show! I am exited to finished researching and updating our spreadsheets and google docs!

I actually don’t have any pressing questions currently, and I am looking forward to all of the fun that the next retreat will bring!

See you all soon!


P.S. my photo is from unsplash and is by Jeremy Ricketts


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