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Sorry I kind of ranted so everything is everywhere

Minelle Sarfoadu

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  • Minelle,

    Awesome job getting this done well before the deadline. I’ve been reflecting on all the writing and thinking you’ve done so far as I think about what to write. It seems to me that you are determined to understand the various types of racism you’ve witnessed in schools. I feel you often come back to things you’ve seen or heard in school and a lot of your questions seem to center on students and teachers. You also seem unimpressed with how your school has dealt and is dealing with teaching racism and addressing racial incidents. To me, all this feels like the making of a fascinating and useful project to take on this year in WtS. What do you think? Are you still passionate (or more passionate) about exploring, understanding, struggling with, and then taking action on this topic?


  • Minelle
    5 years ago

    I AM, I love this topic is relates with me on another level and it’s one of the reason why I joined what’s the story I really want to go deeper and find out more about this topic with help obviously and even better people in wts also have dealt with this so I’m not alone like I thought I was going to be in the beginning of the year.

  • Hey Minelle,

    I like the questions you have, especially the one about people not understanding when and how they are being racist and your answer is based on their childhood or lack of discipline in knowing racism from communicational common sense.
    It’s okay if your mind map doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, it shows how far your topic is pushing you to think. I do wonder who your target audience is. Is it children, this way to teach about racism and the consequences to others at a young age or is it for teens or even adults who need more help comprehending it?

    Best of luck,

  • Emily Gilmore
    5 years ago


    Again, your mind map speaks to me! I am really intrigued by the interplay between the definitions of various types of racism and your wonderings. I wonder if it would be worth looking at more concrete (and overt) examples of racism that have existed around the world, particularly in South Africa during Apartheid. If you haven’t read or listened to Trevor Noah’s autobiography, “Born a Crime,” yet STOP NOW AND DO NOTHING ELSE BUT READ/LISTEN TO HIS BOOK (he is the voice of his audiobook and does all of the accents).

    As always, keep going! I cannot wait to learn more from you!

    -Ms. Gilmore

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