Blog Post #2

How did you approach your research?

  • Social issue: how to incorporate culture into everyday life
  • Youth having stress from covid and wanted to address that as a social issue
  • To help that issue I wanted to figure out how to incorporate cultural teachings into everyday life for the youth because our cultural teachings and ways can be a form of re-grounding to help ease the stressful emotions many are experiencing.
  • Gone to peer groups and asked for feedback about the idea to see the projected impact it could have
  • Right now I am still getting and analyzing all of the feedback from peers
  • If the results from the feedback show that there will be a big impact then I will plan to start introducing the idea to all age groups so that I can see how the connections
  • Once I get an idea of the things I can change to make people connect to their cultural teachings I will experiment with one adult, elder, and youth and see if together, they can work to create opportunities for those connections to be made from different, open-minded perspectives.
Nizhoni-bah Martin

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