Blog Post #2

How / What I Learned

  • How did you approach your research?

I approached my research by thinking of how there is barely any people talking about how the Navajo Nation is dealing with this pandemic and facing it.

  • What are some of your most interesting findings?

My most interesting findings were when my big sister said in her interview that she thinks the virus has affected her family and her most by making the task of finding and securing jobs even more difficult than it has already been.

  • How would you describe the main conflict in this topic / story?

I would describe the main conflict in this topic as how hard it has been for us Navajo’s dealing with this virus.

  • Who are the stakeholders or characters involved? 

The characters that are involved is my four interviewee’s.

My Perspective / Angle

  • If you / others decided to pursue this story this year, what are some of the key questions that still need to be answered? 

I think some of the key question that still need to be answered is, How can we show the world that we need help ?, How can we work together to face this pandemic?.

  • Any thoughts on whether / how you can approach this story in a way that is novel / hasn’t been done before? 

I think it can be approached in a way that is a novel by having more people to interview and have more kids participate like my age and older.

My Current Enthusiasm

  • How enthusiastic are you about this topic? Be honest, and perhaps indicate what is getting in the way of unrelenting enthusiasm.

I am so excited to see people participate in this research and topic and see if I made a good topic for my age. Also, the thing getting in the way is if I do good with this topic because I’m wondering if I might not do good because of my age and the youngest one of the writing group with high schoolers and college kids.

  • Are you open to considering another topic? 

Yes, because I want to tell more about what is going on in my culture that people don’t know about and what we need help with in as many ways as possible.

Atsa-bah Martin

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