The story so far…

My highlights from my What’s the Story? experience so far are the weekly assignments. It is interesting to be able to write about these interesting topics and share my ideas with others who also find them intriguing. I also enjoyed going to Middlebury College for the first meeting and meeting new people, discussing film making techniques and watching powerful short films.

My three-week affinity group and I are doing very well completing our weekly assignments and sharing ideas with each other. Although had a lack of attendance at one weekly huddle, those who were missing added their contributions to the team meeting document later on.

I don’t have many worries or questions about whats the story. The first meeting was very clarifying and most of the main questions I had about the class were resolved. I am still wondering, however, if it will count as a high school credit, and if so in which subject? Also, I didn’t get any information on how the class is graded.

Sam Leggett

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