Blog Post #3 The Future of Vermont Refugees

The topic I’m going to be researching about is the future  for refugees living in Vermont. I think this is an important issue to be aware of because not only have Donald Trump’s policies have made it difficult for refugees to come into the united States, but they have impacted the refugees already living here.


The first person I interviewed was my mother; she had a lot to say about this topic. She agrees that the future of refugees in Vermont is going to be challenging for them, especially because of the new policies Trump has enacted. She thinks it is extremely unfortunate that Trump has made the majority of refugees lives harder than they already are. She thinks that we should begin to really understand and support the refugees currently living in Vermont, so we can help them reach their goal. My mom believes that Vermont is not diverse enough, and with Trump banning refugees from coming to United States, It’s not helping Vermont become more diverse.

The second person I interviewed was a friend, who is in my grade. She also had some strong point of views on this topic. She firmly disagrees with Trump’s new policies and thinks that we should welcome refugees to our state as we would with any other people. She also believes that while the refugees are living in Vermont we, as a state, should make sure that they feel welcome and safe. She also agrees that refugees should have the same rights as any person living in the United States would, meaning we should give them fair job  and education opportunities.


The third person I interviewed was with my father. He agrees that Vermont is not a very diverse place and we should welcome more refugees to our state to encourage more diversity. He also thinks that understanding and welcoming the refugees living here, in Vermont is an important goal that we should try reaching as a state. He also believes that we should have some sort of program that is designed to interact with refugees and find easier ways for them to adjust living here. My dad thinks that we as a state should find more effective ways to understand where they are coming from, their culture and what they want to accomplish while living here. He believes that we should put effort into understanding the backgrounds and future goals of the refugees living here in Vermont.


These three interviews I had increased my knowledge on this important topic. I now realize a lot more about this issue. This is a very important topic that I think more people need to be aware about. Trump’s new policies have a lot of effect on refugees that are living in Vermont and will continue to have an effect on their futures. I strongly think that Vermont can have a positive effect on the refugees living here. I am looking forward to learning and researching more into this topic that is affecting many people’s lives and futures.

Ella Beerworth

3 Responses to “Blog Post #3 The Future of Vermont Refugees

  • Ella,

    You’ve settled on what seems to me to be a fascinating topic. I notice that your descriptions of the interviews you’ve conducted so far raise questions that might help steer you as you pursue this topic, including: What challenges have refugees always faced when relocating to Vermont? How have the policies of the Trump administration intensified these challenges? How can Vermonters welcome and support the refugees who relocate here?

    One thing that has often caught my attention on this subject is the fear, or xenophobia, that some people exhibit around refugees moving to their area. I wonder if, in your research/interviews, you might find it worthwhile to explore this side of the story. I, for one, would like to understand more about why people experience such trepidation at the thought of “outsiders” joining their communities.

    Thanks for your entry, Ella!

  • Hi Ella,
    Something that I’m wondering if this truly a Vermont issue? or more of a country issue? I’m sure with your work you might be able to impact both. But maybe looking at how Vermont is trying to combat this issue might be more effective. This is definitely a topic that affects our small undiverse state. I also wonder do refugees enjoy where they settle? This topic offers many avenues of discussion and interest. I know something that is interesting for me would be how refugees are treated differently? or if they feel at home.
    Have a great weekend

  • Ella,

    I was interested by this and you raise some excellent points and questions. You obviously have given this topic some thought.

    My question is this: Why did you decide to jump from guns (blog #2) to refugees as a story topic. … Were I your editor, I might press you on that a bit because I’m always interested in having people explore what really ticks them off.

    I should add that as a professional editor for many years I learned that part of my job was to be a disrupter — to ask difficult questions, to “poke the bear” as it were or to dump a bucket of ice water on their idea; these were tactics I used to help people get focused and to help me determine whether the person could actually get to the depth of story I needed (and that they ultimately wanted.) I will tell you that sometimes I really annoyed (to put it mildly) some of the writers I worked with who would often come back into my office and make a passionate argument for why the story is important, or why it should be framed the way they wanted, or why they needed another week to do it right and why it was so important.

    What struck me about reading your last two blog posts was the difference in the energy of your writing — your post about guns is zipping with energy; this has much less emotion. Think about it.

    Thanks so much for your work, for sharing and for understanding that my ambition is not to judge, but to help.


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