Blog Post #6: Finding Common Ground

I had trouble finding each category or group, at first I was unsure of how to find out everybody’s main interest. But then I started combing through a lot of the mind maps, writing down the ideas in a list format. Then I took a step back, looked over the list and found the big picture among all of them. Though not every individual project idea is listed here, the main ideas are. The ones I had trouble with are under miscellaneous. Though they are similar to some of the main ideas, they just don’t quite fit. You could put planned parenthood or income inequality under “inequality and feminism”, but they’re not quite the same. Maybe this is a good thing, it means a wide range of varying projects and passions which could lead to a really good project with multiple viewpoints and aspects. But I also didn’t want to stick any of the miscellaneous in a category that wasn’t exactly what the person was talking about, because each idea is unique in itself. I may not have every idea, but I tried to find the most popular ones and as many as I could while combing through blog posts.

Grace Darrow

One Response to “Blog Post #6: Finding Common Ground

  • Abby Wald
    3 years ago

    Excellent work! I appreciate that you didn’t overgeneralize by lumping things that didn’t work into “close enough” categories. You’re giving each idea its own life.

    Looking at your map, I started to think about how the broader categories could be combined with the miscellaneous categories to create a narrower focus and really interesting topics. For example, the effects of the opioid crisis on the education system, Planned Parenthood’s dark history of racism, and the connections between our overtaxed mental health system and the flood of children in foster care. These could be intriguing areas to explore.

    See you Saturday!

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