Blog Post #7 Overnight Retreat

Our first overnight retreat was a weekend to remember. Although it was short, a lot was done in that little time we had together as a whole group and did some pretty inspiring things. But before this all started, what I was just describing isn’t what I thought I was going to get. At the beginning of the retreat, I was quite nervous when thinking about how everything was going to turn out since the people that I was going to be with, were all kind coming to my head. But by the end of the retreat, I was moved by how everything came out to. Although I was mostly worried about my connection with everybody, it turns out that I had nothing to worried. But by actually spending more time with everybody and actually talking to them, I felt kind open to accept what was around and knew that I was in the right place. It’ s going to be a long year for me and all of us, but with everybody here, I believe everything will turn out great.

One of the thing that made this overnight retreat so special, was just the fact that I spend most of my time with some incredible people that I’m looking forward to the time we are  going to be spending together as a team while digging more deeply into this question of how do we make teachers more racially aware in the classroom?. As the Racism team, we believe that there is racial stuff that are happening inside a classroom that teachers aren’t aware of. Simple microaggressions that are occurring around classes and causing schools to be harder for some students. But how do we get the attention of the people with the actual power to change all this stuff? How do we tell teachers and principal that this is what’s happening right now and you need to be aware of it?. These are the types of questions we are taking with us and asking ourselves while focusing on the main question which is how do we make teachers more racially aware in the classroom?.

Before I came to this retreat, I was a little bit terrified that I might not have an actual story to chase or to contribute to other stories. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this retreat even though ever since I started What’s the Story? I’ve been writing a lot of blogs about what gets under my skin. But with the work that I did with my story team, I was overjoyed because what we got out of our story that we combined, was something that I’m really excited about and can’t wait to begin.

Hussein Amuri

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