Blog Post #8 Experience & Learning Reflection

Before I joined What’s the Story? I had never been on a team where I constantly needed to do my job in order for my team to keep progressing, but while at the same time gaining and improving skills that I as a young teenager need in life. My experience here at What’s the Story? has truly been life changing due to the fact I’m positively pushed to do stuff that I’m really into that helps me see the world and my community from a different point of view. Here at What’s the Story? some of the valuable skills that I normally need in my everyday life whether in school or in sports like teamwork, self-directing, being responsible, integrative thinking and so on, are continually being improved through me working with my Social Action team and making sure I’m doing the best I can to help out. It’s not everyday students like me experience what I’m experiencing here, and me being able to use what I’m learning and tie it to the things that I regularly do, makes feel better about myself. Because to me, an experience is one that you can take and use everywhere you go, whether in a class or in sports teams, anyway.  Life is about learning about new styles and improving old styles, which is what I think WTS is doing to me right now. The more I work with my team on our topic, the more I feel like I’m gaining something new, while at the same time I’m improving on what I already knew. My experience here at WTS so far is amazing, I’m so happy that I’m here at a place like this while tackling an issue that I feel will bring a change with a team full of people who are hard working, funny and dependable.

Hussein Amuri

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